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Which three statements must be true for Cisco WLC to support roaming? (Choose three.)

A.    Controllers are in the same mobility group.
B.    Controllers operate in different LWAPP modes.
C.    ACLs are the same.
D.    Virtual interface IP addresses are the same.
E.    Controllers have different versions of code.
F.    Controllers need to have the same hostname.

Answer: ADF

Which two elements are needed to create a secure SSID on an autonomous AP? (Choose two.)

A.    SSID name
B.    WLC MAC address
C.    PSK
D.    LDAP server
E.    WLC IP

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit. Which option is the received signal power level at the receiver?


A.    -46
B.    -49.28
C.    -45
D.    -40.72

Answer: C

Which two WLC debug commands are appropriate to troubleshoot a wireless client that is associated to an AP? (Choose two.)

A.    debug client <mac-address>
B.    debug capwap
C.    debug ap
D.    debug dot11
E.    debug dtls

Answer: AD

You must resolve an issue in which an access point is not joining a controller. Which command can help you to troubleshoot the issue?

A.    debug enable ap-name from the AP
B.    debug capwap events enable from the AP
C.    debug enable ap-name from the controller
D.    debug capwap events enable from the controller

Answer: D

Which two options are limitations when configuring basic security on an autonomous AP using the express security page setup? (Choose two.)

A.    Delete all the SSIDs.
B.    Edit the SSIDs.
C.    You cannot change the default SSID.
D.    You need multiple SSIDs.
E.    Use multiple authentication servers.

Answer: BE

An engineer has been asked to upgrade the code on a WLC that is running Cisco AireOS 8.0. Which two protocols can be used to download the code file to the controller? (Choose two.)

A.    SNMPv2c
B.    FTP
C.    SNMPv3
D.    SFTP

Answer: BD

A customer wants to implement a policy on a guest WLAN, in which clients must accept the company wireless policy and enter an email address to access the guest network. The company does not have access to RADIUS servers and wants the WLAN to use open Layer 2 security. Which Layer 3 security web policy must be enabled to meet these criteria?

A.    authentication
B.    web authorization on MAC filter failure
C.    conditional web redirect
D.    web pass-through

Answer: D

How many channels exist in the 2.4-GHz ISM band frequency space?

A.    14
B.    16
C.    20
D.    24

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which administrator role applies when the user logs into the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller?


A.    ReadOnly
B.    ReadWrite
C.    LobbyAdmin
D.    LocalAdmin

Answer: C

An access point named Cisco AP is configured on a wireless controller. Which command must you use in the controller to view access point system messages?

A.    show ap eventlog Cisco_AP
B.    debug ap eventlog Cisco_AP
C.    config logging Cisco_AP
D.    show logging

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is deploying lightweight access points for wireless services over a T1 connection. Which access point mode allows the traffic to be either switched at the AP port or tunneled back to the WLC?


A.    SE-Connect
B.    FlexConnect
C.    local
D.    monitor

Answer: B

Periodically, Radio Resource Management can reconfigure the wireless network for best efficiency. Which two functions can be changed to meet network demands? (Choose two.)

A.    Remove clients that use too much bandwidth.
B.    Transmit Power Control
C.    Disable AP radios that do not provide adequate coverage.
D.    Change channels to non-country channels if needed
E.    Radio Monitoring for noise and interference.

Answer: BE

Which three operations does the lightweight access point manage in a split-MAC design? (Choose three.)

A.    association and re-association
B.    frame exchange and client handshake
C.    RF and mobility management
D.    beacons and probe responses
E.    MAC layer data encryption and decryption
F.    authentication and key management

Answer: BD

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