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Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is working on the network topology and executes the command no ip split-horizon on interface S0/0 of the hum router.
What is the result of this command?


A.    A routing loop is created.
B.    Each of the spoke routers can see the routes that are advertised from the other spoke routers.
C.    The Spoke routers can see the routes that are advertised by the hub router.
D.    The hub router can see the routes that are advertised by the spoke routers.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. If this configuration is applied to a device that redistributes EIGRP routes into OSPF. which two statements about the behavior of the device are true? (Choose two )


A.    EIGRP routes appears in the routing table as E2 OSPF routes
B.    The device router ID is set to Loopback0 automatically
C.    The device redistributes all EIGRP networks into OSPF
D.    EIGRP routes appears in the routing table as N2 OSPF routes
E.    The device redistributes only classful EIGRP networks into OSPF.
F.    EIGRP routes appears as type 3 LSAs in the OSPF database.

Answer: CE

Which value does a point-to-point GRE tunnel use to identify a peer?

A.    MAC address
B.    configured multicast address.
C.    DLCI
D.    IP address
E.    VC ID

Answer: D

If you convert a WAN connection with OSPF from T1 to a Frame Relay circuit, which two actions must you take to enable the connection? (Choose two)

A.    Change the OSPF network type to nonbroadcast.
B.    Manually configure neighbors in the OSPF process.
C.    Manually configure the hello and dead timers.
D.    Change the OSPF network type to broadcast.
E.    Change the OSPF network type to multipoint nonbroadcast.

Answer: AB

A network engineer is configuring a DHCP server to support a specialized application. Which additional DHCP feature must be enabled to support the delivery of various additional parameters to DHCP clients?

A.    modules
B.    vendor extensions
C.    options
D.    Scopes

Answer: C

Which two OSPF router types can perform summarize in an OSPF network? (Choose two)

A.    summary router
B.    area border router
C.    autonomous system boundary router
D.    internal router
E.    backbone router

Answer: BC

A network engineer wants to baseline the network to determine suitability for real-time voice applications. Which IP SLA operation is best suited for this task?

A.    ICMP-echo
B.    ICMP-jitter
C.    UDP-connect
D.    UDP-jitter
E.    TCP-connect
F.    UDP-echo

Answer: F

Which three functionalities are specific to stateful NAT64? (Choose Three)

A.    It requires IPv4-transalable IPv6 address
B.    It requires either manual or DHCPv6 based address assignment for IPv6 host.
C.    It helps ensure end-to-end address transparency and scalability.
D.    A state or bindings are created on every unique translation.
E.    It conserves IPv4 addresses.

Answer: BDE

Which OSPF area prevent LSA type 4, LSA type 5? (Choose two)

A.    Stub Area
B.    Totally Stubby Area
C.    Not-So-Stubby Area
D.    Totally Not-So-Stubby Area

Answer: BD

What does the number 16 in the following command represent?

Router(config)#snmp-server user abcd public v2c access 16

A.    the mask of the files that are allowed to use community string public.
B.    the standard named access list 16, which contains the access rules that apply to user abcd.
C.    the number of concurrent users who are allowed to query the SNMP community.
D.    the user ID that is allowed to use the community string public.

Answer: B
Section: (none)


Refer to the Exhibit. All interfaces on each router are participating in the EIGRP 100 process. Interface Loopback 2 on HQ-R2 is currently in shutdown mode. An engineer issues the eigrp stub command on router BR1. Which statements about the query messages sent from router HQ-R2 for a route to reach the network is true?


A.    Router HQ-R2 sends a query message to the feasible successor for a route to network.
B.    BR1 receives query messages from HQ-R2 for a route to network.
C.    Router HQ-R1 receives query messages from HQ-R2 for a route to network.
D.    Router HQ-R1 and BR1 receives query messages from HQ-R2 for a route to 12.12.12/32 network.

Answer: D

Which two statements about uRPF are true? (Choose two)

A.    The Keyword any can be used with both strict mode and loose mode.
B.    Strict mode may drop legitimate traffic.
C.    It is enabled globally.
D.    Strict mode is most appropriate for networks with asymmetric routing.
E.    Loose mode may drop traffic when asymmetric routing occurs on the network
F.    It is enabled on a per interface basis.

Answer: AB

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