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When an 802.11 client roams what device decides when to move the client to another AP?

A.    Aruba AP
B.    Aruba controller
C.    Client
D.    Radius Server
E.    Router

Answer: C

A customer has a remote AP deployment, where each remote AP has an IPSEC VPN tunnel with L2TP to the controller. 1 of the remote APs is stuck in the user table and hasn’t yet transitioned to the AP active table in the controller. The customer suspects that the AP is not setting up its VPN connection successfully. Which of the following commands might be useful in troubleshooting this? (Choose three.)

A.    Logging level debugging security process localdb
B.    Logging level debugging security process l2tp
C.    Logging level debugging security process dot1x
D.    Logging level debugging security process crypto
E.    Logging level debugging security process vpn

Answer: ABD

A client Roams from one Local controller-1 to another Local controller-2. The controllers are in different subnets and L3 Mobility is enabled. How is the client traffic sent back to Local-controller-1?

A.    IP-IP tunneled
B.    FTP
C.    Multicast
D.    L2 GRE Tunnel
E.    Routed locally

Answer: D

Which of the following statements is true of Spectrum Mode?

A.    No licenses are required to run an AP in Spectrum mode
B.    Spectrum mode can only be configured for one AP at a time
C.    An AP can be in spectrum mode for both 2.4 and 5G bands at the same time
D.    An AP can be placed in Spectrum Mode via the Spectrum Profile
E.    Spectrum mode can be configured from the GUI under AP installation

Answer: C

The screen captures above show the 802.1X authentication profile and AAA profile settings for a VAP. If machine authentication fails and user authentication passes, which role will be assigned?



A.    employee
B.    guest
C.    denyall
D.    logon
E.    no role is assigned

Answer: B

Referring to the above screen capture, on which controller can you add an administrative user and assign a controller management role?


A.    Controller only
B.    Controller and only
C.    All three Controllers
D.    must be done in the RADIUS server
E.    Controller only

Answer: C

Which command will show all client association history?

A.    show mobile trail current (ip address)
B.    show ip mobile trail (ip address)
C.    show ap client status (mac address)
D.    show current client ip (ip address)
E.    show client ip (ip address) mobility

Answer: B

What is the total number of charts you can simultaneously monitor in a spectrum dashboard?

A.    3
B.    4
C.    8
D.    9
E.    12

Answer: E

Which is a Device Specific Attribute that can be evaluated in a user derivation rule?

A.    user login name
B.    authentication server
C.    location by AP Name
D.    controller Loopback address
E.    controller IP

Answer: C

The Controller wizard enables which of the following controller clock configurations?(Choose three)

A.    NTP to a time server
B.    Set time zone
C.    Daylight savings time
D.    Only GMT can be configured
E.    Manual configuration of date and time

Answer: ABE

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