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A Citrix Administrator needs to configure single sign-on to a StoreFront server using an external, secure single URL.

Which type of virtual server can the administrator use to meet this requirement?

A.    Load Balancing
B.    Content Switching
C.    VPN
D.    Unified Gateway

Answer: C

Scenario: A NetScaler is configured with the following modes:

* MAC-based Forwarding
* Layer 3 mode

A Citrix Administrator configured a new router and now requires some of the incoming and outgoing traffic to take different paths through the new router However, the administrator notices that this is failing and takes a network trace. After a short monitoring period, the administrator notices that the packets are still NOT getting to the new router from the NetScaler.

Which mode should the administrator disable on the NetScaler to facilitate the addition of the new router and successfully route the packets?

A.    MAC-based Forwarding
B.    USIP
C.    Layer 3 mode

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator found that whenever a NetScaler VPX high availability (HA) pair of appliances fails over, the load balanced websites are NOT accessible The administrator investigated the issue and found that the router and switches do NOT support gratuitous ARP (GARP) However, the administrator cannot immediately afford to upgrade the network infrastructure.

What can the administrator do immediately to resolve the issue and prevent a future outage?

A.    Migrate the VPX pair to different hypervisor hosts
B.    Replace the NetScaler VPX appliances with NetScaler MPX appliances
C.    Configure a Virtual MAC (VMAC) on the NetScaler.
D.    Utilize IPv6 instead of IPv4

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is deploying a new NetScater device and would like to add the NTP server to this appliance Currently, the NTP service is configured at

Which command-line interface command can the administrator use to complete this task?

A.    Add ntp server
B.    Add server ntp
C.    Add servicegroup NTP UDP
D.    Add service NTP UDP 123

Answer: C

Scenario: Users belong to three Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) groups:
Corporate, Finance and Software.

show aaa groups:
> show aaa group
1. GroupName: Corporate
2. GroupName: Finance
3. GroupName: Software

> show aaa group Corporate
GroupName: Corporate
Weight: 0
Authorization Policy: pol_1, Type: Classic, Priority: 0
> add authorization policy pol_1 ns_true ALLOW
> bind aaa group Corporate -policy pol_1

The user is being denied resources while aaad.debug shows:

Group ‘corporate’ being extracted for user User1

Why is the user being denied access?

A.    The Authorization policy is NOT configured property.
B.    The group attribute is NOT configured in the LDAP policy.
C.    AAA group names are NOT the same as those in Active Directory.
D.    LDAP Base DN is incorrect.

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is configuring load balancing on a NetScaler appliance for the company web servers. The administrator needs to create a custom monitor that will look for a specific keyword response from the website and will be used to keep the services in an UP state.

Which type of monitor can the administrator create to accomplish this scenario?

A.    An HTTP-ECV monitor with the keyword in the Special Parameters – Receive String field.
B.    A custom TCP-ECV monitor with the keyword in the Special Parameters – Receive String field.
C.    An HTTP monitor with the keyword in the Special Parameters – Response Codes field.
D.    A TCP monitor with the keyword in the Special Parameters – Response Codes field.

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is concerned about the amount of health checks the NetScaler is sending to the back-end resources. The administrator would like to find a way to remove health checks from specific bound services.

How can the administrator accomplish this?

A.    Use reverse condition monitoring.
B.    Use Service Groups to minimize health checks.
C.    Unbind the current monitor.
D.    Use the No-Monitor Option.

Answer: C

Scenario: A XenDesktop Administrator just updated a StoreFront server to the X1 Receiver portal theme. The NetScaler Administrator would like to update the gateway to match StoreFront as closely as possible.

How can the NetScaler Administrator accomplish this with the least amount of administrative effort and without impacting connectivity through the gateway during the change?

A.    Create a new gateway with the X1 theme.
B.    Update the existing gateway by selecting the X1 theme from the global settings.
C.    Create a new gateway with a custom theme to match StoreFront.
D.    Update the existing gateway by building a custom theme to match StoreFront.

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to implement an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solution. The administrator needs the appliance to be able to grow with the increasing demand for bandwidth and performance.

Which NetScaler platform will the administrator choose to accommodate the increasing demand for bandwidth and performance?

A.    SDX
B.    VPX
C.    MPX
D.    CPX

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is troubleshooting a NetScaler issue. The administrator goes to the command line and from the Shell, tails the ns.log to view the log in real time to find the issue. After a few minutes, the administrator noticed that the logs stopped scrolling and the issue was missed.

How can troubleshooting continue using the ns.log?

A.    The ns.log service has stopped and needs to be restarted.
B.    The ns.log needs to be downloaded to the client machine for full viewing.
C.    The ns.log has reached its 100 KB limit. Press ‘CTRL+C’ to stop it from running and issue the command “tail -f ns.log” to resume.
D.    The ns.log is still running. Press ‘Enter’ and the ns.log will resume.

Answer: A

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