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The Avaya Aura experience Portal (AAI P) system consist;; of which two major subsystems? (Choose two)

A.    Application Enablement Services (AES)
B.    Media Processing Platform (MPP)
C.    Private Brain Exchange (PBX) servers
D.    Experience Portal Manager (EPM)
E.    Avaya Media Servers (AMS)

Answer: AD

In preparation for upgrading an Avaya Voice Portal system to Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAI P) 6.0, you Install a new Red HAT Enterprise Server Release 6.0 32 bit on a single CPU 1.6 GHZ server with 2 GB RAM. During AAEP installation you receive errors from the Prerequisite Checker.
Which two steps must you take to correct the issue-; and continue with this procedure? (Choose

A.    Bypass the Prerequisite Checker as it provides only a recommendation and not a requirement to run AAEP.
B.    Replace or upgrade the server with a minimum of Dual Quad Core 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent processors.
C.    Upgrade Red Hat ELS 6.0 OS from 32 bit to 64 bit as it is able to make more efficient use of the 2 GB RAM.
D.    Upgrade the server to a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. ) Upgrade the server to a minimum of 320 GB Disk, 7200 RPM.

Answer: CD

A customer creates a campaign but it is failing to start.
Which two logs should be checked for possible error messages? (Choose two)

A.    $POM__HOME/logs/PIM _CmpMgr.log* log files
B.    $POM_HOME/logs/PIM_CmpDir.log* log files
C.    $POM _HOME/logs/PIM_Web.log log*files
D.    $POM_.HOME/logs/CmpMgrService.out* log files
E.    $POM_HOME/logs/CmpDirService.out* log files

Answer: CE

A/hen configuring a scheduled report on the Avaya tie types may be selected? (Choose three)

A.    .doc (Microsoft Word)
B.    .xls (Microsoft Excel)
C.    .pdf (Portable Document Format)
D.    .jpg (Digital Image)
E.    .csv (Comma separated value)

Answer: BCD

Your client reported they were monitoring a campaign for Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) from the Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAI P) Web Administration POM Monitor screen and they observed a message “Resource temporarily Unavailable.”
Which two steps would you take to identity the cause of this message? (Choose two)

A.    Verify that the Media Processing Platform (MPP) is operational
B.    Verify that the text-to Speech (TTS) Speech Server is working and is licensed correctly
C.    Verify that the Experience Portal Manager (EPM) can communicate with the Avaya Aura Communication Manager (AACM)
D.    Verify that the WebLM license is not expired arid verify if you have configured the required number
E.    Verify that the Short Message Service (SMS) server is not down.

Answer: AB

You have received alarm event “QSYSM00056 MPP disk use (85% percent) has exceeded the
configured low threshold of 80 percent” on your co-resident Avaya Aura Experience Portal server. You login to the server and run the below Red Hat administrative command to review disk space usage:
[scroot@vp-a1/] # -b – – max ?depth = 1 ?h/
20K /mnt
12M /tmp
5.9M /bin
24K /root
91.3G /opt
85G /var
16G /
Which three folders are most likely to contain files which can be deleted to make room on the server disk? (Choose three)

A.    /var/llb/pgsql/data
B.    /home
C.    /var/spool/mail
D.    /opt/Avaya/InstallAgent/download
E.    /opt.Tomcat/apache-tomcat-6.0.32/webapps

Answer: ABD

A customer has just upgraded Voice Portal 5.x to Avaya Aura Experience Portal 6.0, hut the license not upgraded.
What is the grace period provided by the system, for upgrading the license?

A.    3 days
B.    7 days
C.    15 days
D.    30 days

Answer: C

A customer has installed Avaya Aura Experience Portal, but no port was specified in the configuration the WebLM server.
What is the default port used by the WebLM server?

A.    443
B.    8443
C.    8080
D.    28443

Answer: B

Which two statements about the “priority” of a campaign are true? (Choose two)

A.    Available priorities are 1-10
B.    The priority of the campaign determines the number of licenses allocated by Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) to a particular campaign during execution.
C.    The priority of the campaign determines when the campaign will start.
D.    Available priorities are 1-5
E.    Campaign priority determines the media channels used by a campaign

Answer: BC

Which level of permission should the directory have, if the Installation DVD files of Avaya Aura Experience Portal are accessed from a shared network directory or local directory?

A.    readable by all users
B.    readable by root or sroot
C.    readable by avayavp
D.    readable by all Avaya service accounts

Answer: A

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