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An administrator notices that the target device is NOT starting from a newly created vDisk, but other target devices using different vDisks are working. Which action can the administrator take to correct this issue?

A.    Restart the Stream Service.
B.    Enable streaming on the vDisk.
C.    Reset the Active Directory machine account password.
D.    Change the vDisk access mode to Private Image mode.

Answer: B

An administrator needs to configure a Provisioning services environment for Microsoft volume license management. Which properties could the administrator configure to accomplish this task?

A.    Farm
B.    vDisk
C.    Server
D.    Target device

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator is delivering Windows virtual machines using Provisioning services. The administrator needs to reduce the impact on Provisioning services disk consumption as well as maintain user operating system modifications. Which cache mode must be used in this scenario?

A.    Cache on Server
B.    Cache in Device RAM
C.    Cache on Server Persisted
D.    Cache on Device Hard Drive Persisted

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator is in charge of distributing streamed Windows desktops to users using Provisioning services. Users have reported that they CANNOT access any printers while using the streamed desktops. The administrator has confirmed local printers are installed in the base image.
What could be causing this issue?

A.    Printer drivers are NOT configured.
B.    Network printers are NOT assigned to the users.
C.    Active Directory printers are assigned to the users.
D.    Printer Management is enabled in the vDisk properties.

Answer: D

A XenServer administrator is updating a shared disk image used by multiple virtual machines. What must the administrator do before updating the shared disk image?

A.    Copy CIM.EXE to the vDisk.
B.    Modify the vDisk cache type.
C.    Disable streaming of the vDisk.
D.    Change the vDisk access mode.

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator manages an environment with 200 private virtual machine images that need to be updated. Snapshots are NOT being used and the virtual machines have been customized by the users. Which step must the administrator take to update these images?

A.    Enable automatic updates.
B.    Merge differencing disk files.
C.    Change the vDisk access mode.
D.    Update each of the vDisks individually.

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator created a single vDisk in the Provisioning Services Console that will be delivered to multiple target devices. The operating system must save user changes to applications. Which two options did the administrator select while preparing the vDisk? (Choose two.)

A.    Private Image mode
B.    Cache in Device RAM
C.    Standard Image mode
D.    Cache on Hard Drive Persistent

Answer: CD

An administrator needs to modify an application contained within a vDisk that is currently being used by multiple target devices. Which option must the administrator select on the vDisk in order to modify the application?

A.    Cache on Server
B.    Private Image mode
C.    Standard Image mode
D.    Cache on Device Hard Disk

Answer: B

An administrator needs to add a new group of similar computers to an existing Provisioning services farm. Which type of resource could the administrator create in Provisioning services?

A.    Farm
B.    Store
C.    Target Device
D.    Device Collection

Answer: D

An administrator has two datacenters, each of which has its own storage that can only be accessed by hosts that are in the same datacenter. What could the administrator create to ensure that each host can only access its assigned storage?

A.    Site
B.    Store
C.    Target device
D.    Device collection

Answer: A

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