Latest Avaya 6006 Practice Exams Free Download with PDF & VCE (21-30)

A customer would like to have an additional menu language available for the 9630 phones.
Which statement describes what has to be done to provide this language?

A.    A multi-language firmware package must be loaded into the 9630 phones. Provide this package on the phone’s fileserver for download.Reboot the affected phones.
B.    The menu language file is on thephone’s fileserver.The local display language parameter has to be activated in the 46xx settings bd file. Reboot the affected phones.
C.    Go to the 9630 phone menu settings and enable the parameter Multilanguage support. Reboot the affected phones.
D.    Change the parameter display language in the station’s form to user-defined. Reboot the affected phones.

Answer: A

During the initial configuration of a Communication Manager 5.2.1 systema technician enters the wrong name for a CLAN and saves the screens.
What must be done before the name of the CLAN board can be changed?

A.    Disable the interface.
B.    Remove the interface
C.    Reset the interface
D.    Remove the IP address from the interface.

Answer: A

Which command verifies the firmware of the G430/450 Media Gateway?

A.    Dir
B.    Image
C.    Show image version
D.    list configuration firmware

Answer: C

A customer wants to change the number of rings for all extensions in the customer’s helpdesk before the system redirects the Communication Manager Messaging (CMM) system. All extensions of the helpdesk belong to COS 3 and coverage Path 99.
Which command must be used to change the number of rings?

A.    Change coverage path99
B.    Change coverage path 3
C.    Change cos
D.    Change system-parameters coverage-options

Answer: A

Which Avaya Aura Communication Manager command shows all media module firmware?

A.    Show mg list
B.    List configurationall
C.    Display media-gateway all
D.    List configuration media-gateway <number>

Answer: D

Which port on the G450 Gateway is used to connect to an auxiliary device that automatically locks or unlocksa door?

A.    CCA
B.    ETR
C.    ETH
D.    DOOR

Answer: A

Communication Manager does not appear to be running. A technician wants to verify that all of the applications have started and are up. Thereis no access through the system Management interface so logging into Linux is used to check this.
Which two Linux commands will give the output needed to verify this? (Choose two)

A.    statapp
B.    statserver
C.    systat
D.    statuslicense

Answer: AC

Which three pieces of information does the IPSI send to Communication Manager? (Choose three)

A.    QoS parameters
B.    Ethernet settings
C.    IP address information
E.    Firmware version

Answer: ABC

A technician has acommunication Manager running on S87xx server, G850 Gateway. Most of the phones are H.323 IP 46xx and 96xx series. Upon testing, it is discovered that all the IP phones have no dial tone. All of the hardware has been verified to be working properly.
Which two steps should be taken to identify the cause of problem? (Choose two)

A.    Verify that the MedPro Board has the connect Ip settings
B.    Set a static IP address on the laptop and see if the TN799 board can be pinged.
C.    Set a static IP address on the laptop and see if the TN3212 Board can be pinged.
D.    Set a static IP address on the laptop and see if the TN3202 or TN2602 Boards can be pinged.

Answer: A

A customer has Avaya IP phones located at a remote site connected via a remote link. The end users complain that intermitterently there is no audio or only one way audio when on a call. The customer limited the UDP port range in the irrouters to be 5000 to 6000.
Which command in the Avaya S87xx Server is used to find the UDP port range?

A.    Status station
B.    Status ip-network-map
C.    Display system-parameter ip
D.    Display ip-network-region

Answer: D

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