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At a new deployment the customer has the total of 2000 subscribers at their main location. They do not need redundancy in their solution.
Which Media Server gateway combination should be used for this deployment?

A.    S8800 Simplex with G450
B.    S8300D with G450
C.    S8300D with G430
D.    S8800 duplex with G650

Answer: A

Which three settings need to be configured on a Layer 2 device? (Choose three)

A.    RIP
B.    Port speed
C.    IP address
D.    Default gateway
E.    Routing interface

Answer: BCD

Which two statements about the installing and cabling of the Media gateway G650 are true?

A.    Mount the A carrier at the bottom of therack
B.    Mount the A carrier at the upper most position in the rack
C.    In a Multiple Media gateway G650 configuration, the G650s can be all ocated in different racks if long TDM/LAN cables are used to inter connect the G650s.
D.    In a multiple Media Gateway G650 configuration put the G650s in the rack with no vertical space between them

Answer: AD

Before IPSI cards can become active on a new Communication Manager system, which screen must be accessed to enable IPSI control of the port networks?

A.    System-parameters IP-options
B.    System-parameters IPSI-option
C.    System-parameters port-networks
D.    System-parameters IP Server-interface

Answer: D

A customer has 1200 OP phones in their solution and they are looking for redundancy and load balancing.
How many CLANs are recommended for their IP phone registration and signaling?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    4
D.    5

Answer: B

A technician is testing calls from IP phones at a remote location on a G450/LSP to main location served by S83XX/G450 over the WAN. Busy tones are received when multiple calls between the two locations are already active. The network regions and G 711 and G 729 codec set have been set up.
Which two steps must be taken to ensure the branch IP phones are using the minimum WAN bandwidth when calling main location stations? (Choose two)

A.    Assign branch IP phones to the G450 LSP as its call server in IP-network-region-2 form.
B.    Assign G.729 as primary codec in station form for the branch IP phones.
C.    Use the IP-network map form to assign the branch IP phonesto network region 2.
D.    Create a third codec Setand assign to the G450 gateway in IP-network-region 2 form.
E.    Verify calls between NR1 and NR2 use G729 codec in IP-network-region 1 form

Answer: BC

A customer asks that the current subnet mask assigned to a remote Avaya G450 Media Gateway Primary Management Interface(PM) be verified.
Which two commands identify the information requested? (Choose two)

A.    Show IP-info
B.    Show running-config
C.    Show interface VLAN (vlan #)
D.    Show configuration media Gateway
E.    Show system

Answer: BC

A customer uses a S8510 serverwith a Media GatewayG650. No more circuit packs lots are left and the customer has already ordered and received the necessary components for adding additional DCP phones to the system, including a new G850.
Which three tasks need to be performed while installing the additional equipment? (Choose three)

A.    Cable the two G850 carries with a TDM/LAN Bus Extender cable.
B.    Set the proper carrieraddress ID for the second G650 carrier.
C.    Add additional 2GB of RAM to the S8510 server.
D.    Remove the right TDM/LAN bus terminal from the bottom G850 carrier and install the bus terminator at the left end of the TDM/LAN bus onthe G650 carrier directly above.
E.    The new digital line card must be installedd in slot 2 of new G650

Answer: ABD

The Avaya G450 Media Gateway can be configured to function as a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) client. DHCP client enables the G450 to receive an IP address from a DHCP server, according to the DHCP client-server protocol.
As an option, the G450 DHCP client can also request to receive which three types of IP- related information? (Choose three)

A.    A list of H 248 Media gateways in the system
B.    A domain Name
C.    A list of default routers
D.    A list of all registered IP Phones
E.    A list of available DNS servers

Answer: BCE

A technician is planning to install the license file ona duplicated S8700-series server.
Which two statements are truea bout license installation? (Choose two)

A.    Install the license file firston the active server and after that,login to the standby server and install the license file again.
B.    Install the license file first on the active server. The standby server is polled automatically via the duplication link.
C.    The license is registered to serial number of the reference IPSI. The S8700-series server remainsin “No License Mode” until the IPSI mode is installed and detected.
D.    The license is registered tothe MAC address of the reference IPSI. . The S8700-series server remains in “No License Mode” until the IPSI mode is installed and detected.

Answer: BC

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