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Refer to exhibit. A user calls from another branch office with a request to establish a simple VPN tunel to test a new router’s tunneling capability.
Based on the configuration in the exhibit, which type of tunnel was configured?

A.    PPTP
B.    IPsec site-to-site
C.    6to4

Answer: C

Where can NetFlow export data for long term storage and analysis?

A.    syslog
B.    collector
C.    another network device
D.    flat file

Answer: B

Which option is the first task that a device that is configured with NAT64 performs when it receives an incoming IPv6 packet that matches the stateful NAT64 prefix?

A.    It translates the IPv6 header into an IPv4 header.
B.    It checks the IPv6 packet against the NAT64 stateful prefix.
C.    It translates the IPv6 source address to an IPv4 header.
D.    It translates the^ IPv4 destination address into a new NAT64 state.
E.    It performs an IPv6 route lookup.

Answer: A

Which command do you enter to display log messages with a timestamp that includes the length of time since the device was last rebooted?

A.    service timestamps log uptime
B.    logging facility 20
C.    service timestamps debugging localtime msec
D.    logging console errors
E.    logging monitor 7
F.    service timestamps log datetime msec

Answer: A

Which option must be configured on a target device to use time stamping to accurately represent response times using IP SLA?

A.    Responder
B.    Jitter value
C.    TCP Connect
D.    ICMP Echo

Answer: A

A network engineer is asked to create an SNMP-enabled proactive monitoring solution to ensure that jitter levels remain between particular boundaries. Which IP SLA option should the engineer usa?

A.    threshold
B.    frequency
C.    verify-data
D.    timeout

Answer: A

Which two options are requirements for EIGRP authentication? (Choose two)

A.    A crypto map must be configured.
B.    The Authentication key must be configured under the interface running EIGRP.
C.    The authentication key must be configured within the EIGRP routing configuration.
D.    The authentication key IDs must match between two neighbors.
E.    A separate key chain must be configured.
F.    AN IPsec profile must be configured.

Answer: BE

A network engineer is troubleshooting connectivity issues with a directly connected RIPng neighbor. Which command should directly connected RIPng neighbor adjacencies only?

A.    router#show ipv6 rip next-hops
B.    router#show ip rip neighbors
C.    router#show ipv6 routers
D.    router#show ipv6 rip database

Answer: A

Which security feature can you enable to control access to the vty lines on a router?

A.    exec-time out
B.    logging
C.    username and password
D.    transport output

Answer: C

A network engineer wants an NTP clients to be able to update the local system without updating or synchronizing with the remote system.
Which option for the ntp access-group command is needed to accomplish this?

A.    serve
B.    query-only
C.    serve-only
D.    peer

Answer: A

A network engineer enables a trunk port and encounters the following message:%LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernet 1/1, changed state to up. What is the severity level of this message?

A.    alert
B.    critical
C.    notification
D.    informational

Answer: C

Which type of address does OSPFv3 use to form neighbor adjacencies and to send LSAs?

A.    unicast IPv6 addresses
B.    link-local addresses
C.    multicast address FF02::5
D.    unicast IPv4 addresses

Answer: C

Refer to Exhibit. A network engineer receives a command output from a customer that indicates an issue with NTP. What are two reasons for the output? (Choose two)

A.    NTP traffic is blocked.
B.    NTP is not configured.
C.    The router is the NTP master.
D.    ntp update-calendar is missing.
E.    There is an NTP authentication failure.

Answer: AE
NTP uses a value, called a stratum value , to indicate the believability of a time source.
Valid stratum values are in the range 0?5, with a value of 16 being used to indicate that a device does not have its time synchronized. However, Cisco IOS only permits you to set stratum values in the range 1?5.

Refer to the exhibit. Which option describes why the EIGRP neighbors of this router are not learning routes that are received from OSPF?

A.    The subnet defined in OSPF is not part of area 0.
B.    Default metrics are not configured under EIGRP.
C.    There is no overlap in the subnets advertised.
D.    The routing protocols do not have the same AS number.

Answer: B

What command is needed to get the ip address assigned from the PPPOE server?

A.    Interface dialer
B.    pppoe enable
C.    ip address negotiated
D.    ip address auto negotiated

Answer: C

Consider this scenario. TCP traffic is blocked on port 547 between a DHCPv6 relay agent and a DHCPv6 server that is configured for prefix delegation.
Which two outcomes will result when the relay agent is rebooted? (Choose two)

A.    Routers will not obtain DHCPv6 prefixes.
B.    DHCPv6 clients will be unreachable.
C.    Hosts will not obtain DHCPv6 addresses.
D.    The DHCPv6 relay agent will resume distributing addresses.
E.    DHCPv6 address conflicts will occur on downstream clients.

Answer: AC

Which two commands must you configure on a DMVPN hub to enable phase 3? (Choose two)

A.    ip nhrp interest
B.    ip nhrp redirect
C.    ip nhrp shortcut
D.    ip network-id
E.    ip nhrp map
F.    ip redirects

Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit. Router DHCP is configured to lease IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to clients on ALS1 and ALS2. Clients on ALS2 receive IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Clients on ALS1 receive IPv4 addresses. Which configuration on DSW1 allows clients on ALS1 to receive IPv6 addresses?

A.    DSW1 (config-if)# ipv6 helper address 2002:404:404::404:404
B.    DSW1 (config)#ipv6 route 2002:404:404::404:404/128 FastEthernet 1/0
C.    DSW1 (dhcp-config)# default-router 2002:A04:A01::A04:A01
D.    DSW1 (config)# ipv6 dhcp relay destination 2002:404:404::404:404 GigabitEthernet 1/2

Answer: D

Which two statements about EVN are true? (Choose two)

A.    Virtual network tags are assigned per-VRF.
B.    it is supported only on access ports.
C.    Virtual network tags are assigned globally.
D.    Routing metrics can be manipulated only from directly within the routing-context configuration.
E.    The VLAN ID in the 802.1q frame carries the virtual network tag.
F.    The VLAN ID is the ISL frame carries the virtual network tag.

Answer: AE

Which LSA type can exist only in an OSPF NSSA area?

A.    type 7 LSA
B.    type 1 LSA
C.    type 5 LSA
D.    type 3 LSA

Answer: A

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