2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Cisco 642-732 Practice Tests (11-20)

What is the recommended method to protect a wireless outdoor bridge from lightning?

A.    Install the wireless outdoor bridge in a grounded NEMA enclosure.
B.    Install the wireless outdoor bridge inside a building if possible and only have the antenna outside.
C.    Install a fiber-optic link between the wireless outdoor bridge and the antenna.
D.    Install a one-meter segment of fiber-optic cable with a copper-to-fiber-optic transceiver to isolate the wireless outdoor bridge from the network cable plant.
E.    Install a protection frame in the copper portion of the network cable plant to act as a lighting arrestor.

Answer: D

Which wireless tool would be most useful in planning a WLAN solution prior to performing a site survey?

A.    Ekahau Survey
B.    Air Magnet Survey
C.    Air Magnet Wi-Fi Analyzer
D.    Cisco Spectrum Expert
E.    Cisco WCS

Answer: E

When planning to perform a customer WLAN site survey, which three components and tasks should be considered? (Choose three.)

A.    Schedule a meeting with the customer to discuss the Statement of Work
B.    Complete the Pre-Survey Customer Questionnaire
C.    Schedule customer end user interviews
D.    Consider travel, access, and equipment requirements necessary to perform the site survey
E.    Schedule initial customer meeting and pre-survey walkthrough events
F.    Determine radiospectrum and channel allocation
G.    Determine AP and controller placement
H.    Determinecustomer training requirements

Answer: BDE

Which three components and tasks should be considered while planning the site survey? (Choose three.)

A.    Determine the project scope, type of deployment, timeline, scale, budget, and users
B.    Determine project stakeholders
C.    Determine customer training requirements
D.    Determine AP and controller placement
E.    Determine the customer applications that the network will support
F.    Determine radiospectrum and channel allocation
G.    Schedule customer end user interviews

Answer: ABE

Which three statements describe WLAN RF interaction with environmental situations? (Choose three.)

A.    Outdoor rain or indoor humidity affects diffraction.
B.    Outdoor rain or indoor humidity affects attenuation.
C.    RF frequency is inversely related to attenuation.
D.    RF frequency is directly related to attenuation.
E.    The human body affects diffusion.
F.    The human body affects attenuation.

Answer: BDF

Which piece of information gathered during a WLAN site survey should be included in the customer report?

A.    Analysis of server location and applications supported.
B.    Analysis of fiber-optic backbone infrastructure.
C.    Output from Cisco WCS Location Quality Inspector.
D.    Output from Cisco WCS VoWLAN Voice Readiness Tool.
E.    Output from Cisco WCS Planning Mode Tool.

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of cable connector is displayed that is used to connect antennas to transmitters?


A.    RP-TNC
B.    N
C.    SMA
D.    SMB
E.    MMCX

Answer: B

Which two basic characteristics would be needed from antennas used for survey and deployment in various indoor situations? (Choose two.)

A.    Horizontally polarized
B.    Vertically polarized
C.    Aesthetically fitting
D.    Least cost
E.    Highest gain
F.    Largest beamwidth

Answer: BC

Which option will allow the maximum 2.4 GHz channel usage for a survey and voice deployment in the ETSI domain?

A.    1, 6, 11
B.    1, 5, 9, 13
C.    1, 6, 9, 14
D.    1, 6, 11, 14

Answer: A

Given an AP that can transmit at 100 mW and the client at 40 mW, which power setting should be used for a site survey?

A.    10 mW
B.    20 mW
C.    40 mW
D.    60 mW
E.    80 mW
F.    100 mW

Answer: B

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