2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Cisco 642-732 Practice Tests (51-60)

How many access points will a Cisco 7600 Series Router with six installed Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Wireless Services Modules support?

A.    300
B.    448
C.    664
D.    1800
E.    2400

Answer: D

What is the term for the space that exists above a drop ceiling or below a raised floor and that is used for air return?

A.    NEMA area
B.    plenum area
C.    DAS area
D.    extended area
E.    RF special area

Answer: B

Which three items should the site survey documentation include? (Choose three.)

A.    photographs
B.    floor plans
C.    wired network layout
D.    blueprints

Answer: ABD

A design requires 100 access points with high channel bandwidth and disabled lower data rates. How are the data rates set on the Cisco WLC and Cisco WCS?

A.    per SSID
B.    per access point
C.    globally
D.    per WLAN and radio

Answer: C

Which two Cisco antennas provide better isolation from RF sources that might be located behind the antennas? (Choose two.)

A.    AIR-ANT3213
B.    AIR-ANT2465P-R
C.    AIR-ANT1949
D.    AIR-ANT5160V-R

Answer: BC

Which antenna generally has the narrowest first Fresnel zone in both the horizontal and vertical planes?

A.    omnidirectional
B.    patch
C.    Yagi
D.    sector
E.    parabolic dish

Answer: E

What does a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G deployment require?

A.    more access points than a data network
B.    fewer access points than a data network
C.    less SNR than a data network
D.    specific relative access point placement

Answer: A

What will cause wireless voice devices to perform poorly?

A.    average signal strength that is greater than -67 dBi
B.    cell overlap of 15 to 20 percent
C.    uneven wireless coverage
D.    absence of coverage holes

Answer: C

After the site installation is complete, you should verify the mobility of the VoWLAN device while walking the site on an active phone call. Which Cisco WLC or Cisco WCS command is most beneficial in determining roaming efficiency?

A.    show {802.11a | 802.11b} l2roam statistics <AP mac>
B.    show client roam-history <client-mac>
C.    show client tsm 802.11a/b/g <client-mac> <AP mac>
D.    show client detail <client-mac>
E.    show client ap-roam-history <client-mac>

Answer: B

Which value is NOT supported by Cisco Spectrum Expert, when checking for RF coverage?

A.    access point received-signal strength level
B.    spectrum utilization
C.    client data rate
D.    in-band radio frequency interference

Answer: C

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