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You are an accounts receivable manager.
You company wants its top 10customers in August to receive a best-selling product at a reduce price.
You need to establish a price.
Which two actions should you perform to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade for this task? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Set up the item sales price in the released product table.
B.    Set up a Customer group for the 10 customers to be assigned to.
C.    Set up a price/discount journal.
D.    Set up a Price/Discount group for the 10 customers.

Answer: CD

You are the account payable coordinator for your company.
You want to apply fee on the items and purchase orders so that your company can track charges levied on services such as freight, transport, postage, and insurance.
What are three methods of charges that you can set in Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    automatic set up of charges.
B.    set up charge codes
C.    manual set up of charges
D.    charges group
E.    price charges

Answer: ABD

You are the accounting manager for your company and are responsible for setting up the processing of sales orders.
You are asked to add a new product in such a way that allows an entry to add a $65 charge for installation on every sales order.
Which three items can you use to perform this configuration in Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade? Each correct answer present a complete solution.

A.    a supplementary item
B.    a charges code
C.    an auto charge
D.    a service item
E.    a stocked product

Answer: ABC

You are the accounts payable manager for you company.
You want to create an invoice but you do not need the approval process.
Which method allows you to post as soon as you record the invoice from the vendor?

A.    Voucher template
B.    Invoice journal
C.    Invoice register
D.    Periodic journal

Answer: B

You work for an apparel company.
You need to create a new product attribute to track the types of fabric for product.
The attribute will be a list of alphabetized values that users select from a drop-down box.
Which attribute type should you create?

A.    Enumeration
B.    Text
C.    Reference
D.    Boolean

Answer: B

You need to configure Dynamics AX to support moving items from one site to another by using journals.
Which module should you use?

A.    Product information management
B.    Transportation management
C.    Warehouse management
D.    Inventory management

Answer: D

You have a customer who orders the same products frequently. You need to simplify the creation of sales orders for the customer.
What should you use?

A.    A direct delivery order
B.    An item list
C.    A new item
D.    A blanket order

Answer: B

Your company receives a shipment of not-stocked items from your supplier.
You need to receive the items into inventory.
What should you do?

A.    Register the item and create a product receipt.
B.    Create a stock movement journal for the item.
C.    Register the item and create an item arrival journal.
D.    Create a receipts list form the purchase order.

Answer: D

You are the accounts receivable manager.
You need to match customer invoices to payments that will be recorded by searching invoice lines that meet selected criteria.
Which search option should you user?

A.    Bridging method
B.    Settlements
C.    Create lines
D.    Payment proposal

Answer: B

You are the accounts payable manager for your company.
You need to set up several trade agreements with the same group of vendors for 12 different item, all of which have different prices.
You need to set up these journal lines in the least amount of time possible.
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Select Copy and revise. This will allow you to select a different product to place on a line.
B.    Click on Copy line while multi lines are selected This will copy several lines at a time.
C.    Click on Add products. Select the productsyou want to add to the trade agreement, and click OK.
D.    Click on Copy line. This will copy the line exactly, and you only need to change the product and price.

Answer: AD

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