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A network administrator requested that the XenServer administrator of a resource pool separate virtual machine backup traffic from guest traffic so that virtual machine backup traffic is routed to an external backup server.
Which action must the XenServer administrator take to complete this task?

A.    Create a VLAN for backup traffic
B.    Assign QoS on the backup traffic
C.    Create an internal network for backup traffic
D.    Assign a dedicated interface for the backup traffic

Answer: D

To successfully configure Role Based Access Control, an administrator must ensure that Active Directory servers are______and______.
(Choose the two correct upturns to complete the sentence)

A.    SMB enabled
B.    Using LDAP authentication
C.    Using Kerberos authentication
D.    synchronized with XenServer using NTP

Answer: CD

Scenario: A resource pool contains three XenServer hosts. An administrator is NOT able to configure the high availability feature.
Which two types of storage are supported by the resource pool? (Choose two)

A.    CIFS
B.    NFS
C.    iSCSI
D.    Fibre Channel

Answer: AB

Scenario: Four physical NlCs are accessible to XenServer. Two NICs are currently in use. An administrator looks at the performance tab and notices that NIC utilization is approaching maximum bandwidth.
Which can the administrator create to improve performance?

A.    Guest VLAN
B.    Internal network
C.    Bond for management traffic
D.    Bond for guest virtual machine traffic

Answer: D

Which scenario would t tie appropriate to implement Storage link Gateways in Xenserver environment?

A.    Virtual machines will be deployed through Lab Manager
B.    The performance alert and reporting service will be utilized
C.    There must be access to native array configuration features
D.    Multiple network protocols are used in the utilization environment

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator needs to add a new server to an existing pool in a remote datacenter. The administrator has NO access to XenCenter. Which command does the administrator need to use to prepare a XenServer host before adding it to a heterogeneous resource pool?

A.    host-cpu-list
B.    host-sync-data
C.    host-param-set
D.    host-set-cpu-features

Answer: D

An administrator needs to create a resource pool of XenServer hosts. Which two options are required of each host to create a homogeneous resource pool? (Choose two.)

A.    Shared storage
B.    Same vendor and CPU type
C.    XenServer Advanced License or higher
D.    Same version of XenServer and hotfixes installed

Answer: BD

Scenario: An administrator needs to create a single resource pool containing six XenServer hosts. All hosts have the same CPU manufacturer, but different CPU model. Which two host parameters need to be the same across all hosts to create a heterogeneous resource pool? (Choose two.)

A.    Time zone
B.    Usable memory
C.    Installed hotfixes
D.    XenServer version

Answer: CD

Scenario: A XenServer pool consists of two XenServer hosts that each have four network interface cards (NICs). The first two NICs form a bond that is used for management and virtual machine network traffic. The other two NICs are unused. The administrator notices that the system is using all available network bandwidth and iSCSI disk performance is being affected. Which network type could the administrator create to move the storage traffic to one of the unused NICs?

A.    Bonded
B.    Management
C.    Cross-server private
D.    Single-server private

Answer: B

Scenario: In preparation for adding a new iSCSI SAN to the environment, an administrator needs to separate the storage traffic from the XenServer management traffic. The host is connected to the iSCSI SAN on the subnet using NIC 3. What must the administrator create to separate the storage network traffic?

A.    A bonded network
B.    An external network
C.    A management interface
D.    A single-server private network

Answer: C

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