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An administrator needs to reconfigure the stream server boot list following a server failure. How could the administrator ensure the replacement server is included in the stream server boot list?

A.    Restart the Stream Service.
B.    Enable Automatic vDisk updates.
C.    Update the target device “Boot From” setting.
D.    Add the IP address of the new server to the ARDBP32.bin file.

Answer: D

An administrator configured a Provisioning services environment that consists of three provisioning servers for use with the DHCP/PXE boot process. To configure the stream server boot list, the administrator needs to add the IP address __________ in order to include the three provisioning servers. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    of each server to the ARDBP32.BIN file
B.    and the name of each server in the lmhosts file
C.    of each server in the TFTP options of the DHCP server
D.    and the name of each server in the hosts file on all of the provisioning servers

Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator CANNOT use the PXE boot method with the Provisioning services environment because of network limitations. The target devices are running on a XenServer host. How can the administrator configure the target devices to start up using Provisioning services?

A.    Configure the BIOS bootstrap on the server.
B.    Edit the bootstrap file on the provisioning server.
C.    Set the target device to start up from the hard disk.
D.    Create a bootstrap disk with Boot Device Manager.

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator configures a bootstrap file with the Manage Boot Devices Utility. The administrator wants to make sure that the target devices in use start successfully. These target devices use drivers that have several timing and startup issues. Which option must the administrator select during the creation of the bootstrap file to correct these issues?

A.    Verbose Mode
B.    Interrupt Safe Mode
C.    Network Recovery Method
D.    Advanced Memory Support

Answer: B

Which two DHCP options must an administrator configure for a target device to start up without PXE using a bootstrap file? (Choose two.)

A.    64
B.    65
C.    66
D.    67

Answer: CD

An administrator has to set up a virtual machine to provide DHCP and PXE roles for different provisioning services targets running in different VLANs and subnets.
Which two kinds of networks should the administrator add to this virtual machine? (Choose two)

A.    Bonded network with tagged VLAN option
B.    Internal network with tagged VLAN option
C.    External network with tagged VLAN option
D.    Management network with tagged VLAN option

Answer: AC

Scenario: An administrator needs to make a number of CD images available to all of the virtual machines attached to a physical XenServer host the administrator has a single NFS export available on which to store these images. The NFS export has following characteristics.
-ip address
-NFS Export /CDs
Which CU command must the administrator execute to create the storage repository?

A.    xe sr-create host-uuid=<valis_uuid content type=user name label=<*example SR*>location=
B.    xe sr-create host-uuid=<valis_uuid content type=iso name-label=<*example SR*> location=
C.    xe sr-create host-uuid=<valis_uuid content type= iso name-label=<*example SR*> location=
D.    xe sr-create host-uuid=<valis_uuid content type=user physical-size=7000000 name label=<
* example SR*> location=**

Answer: C

Which two steps must an administrator take to license a host in XenServer Enterprise Edition? (Choose two)

A.    Specify the Citrix License Server name
B.    Add the license file to the Citrix License Server
C.    Apply the UC license file using License Manager
D.    Apply the XSUC license file using License Manager

Answer: AB

XenServer administrator wishes to move all iSCSI and NFS storage traffic to dedicated network called “storage network”
Which two steps must the administrator complete to configure the network interface so that only iSCSI and NFS storage traffic use the network interface? (Choose two)

A.    Add the dedicated “storage network” to all virtual machines.
B.    Replace the primary management interface with the new “storage network”
C.    Ensure that the storage repositories are only routable from “storage network” IP subnet
D.    Assign the dedicated “storage network” as a secondary management interface within XenCentre

Answer: CD

Scenario: A XenServer administrator needs to add several new servers to new recourse pool. A network band is required for general use by the virtual machines with in the resources pool; all other network functions will be carried out through other physical NICs. The resource pool has just been created, and only the master server currently resides in the pool.
Which two steps should be taken to create the bind according to best practices?

A.    Enable high availability on the resource pool.
B.    Join standalone server to the resource pool.
C.    Create the bond on the master server before adding servers to the pool.
D.    Create the bond on the stand alone servers before joining the resource pool.

Answer: BC

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