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Access control policy rules can be configured to block based on the conditions that you specify in each rule. Which behavior block response do you use if you want to deny and reset the connection of HTTP traffic that meets the conditions of the access control rule?

A.    interactive block with reset
B.    interactive block
C.    block
D.    block with reset

Answer: D

Which event source can have a default workflow configured?

A.    user events
B.    discovery events
C.    server events
D.    connection events

Answer: B

Where do you configure widget properties?

A.    dashboard properties
B.    the Widget Properties button in the title bar of each widget
C.    the Local Configuration page
D.    Context Explorer

Answer: B

The collection of health modules and their settings is known as which option?

A.    appliance policy
B.    system policy
C.    correlation policy
D.    health policy

Answer: D

Host criticality is an example of which option?

A.    a default whitelist
B.    a default traffic profile
C.    a host attribute
D.    a correlation policy

Answer: C

FireSIGHT uses three primary types of detection to understand the environment in which it is deployed. Which option is one of the detection types?

A.    protocol layer
B.    application
C.    objects
D.    devices

Answer: B

When configuring FireSIGHT detection, an administrator would create a network discovery policy and set the action to “discover”. Which option is a possible type of discovery?

A.    host
B.    IPS event
C.    anti-malware
D.    networks

Answer: A

Which option is derived from the discovery component of FireSIGHT technology?

A.    connection event table view
B.    network profile
C.    host profile
D.    authentication objects

Answer: C

The IP address::/0 is equivalent to which IPv4 address and netmask?

D.    The IP address::/0 is not valid IPv6 syntax.

Answer: B

One of the goals of geolocation is to identify which option?

A.    the location of any IP address
B.    the location of a MAC address
C.    the location of a TCP connection
D.    the location of a routable IP address

Answer: D

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