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Within Cisco ISE, which persona or node is responsible for enforcing policy?

A.    Policy Administration Node
B.    Guest Service persona
C.    Inline Posture Node
D.    Policy Service persona

Answer: C

Within Cisco ISE, which persona or node handles RADIUS requests and the Sponsor and Guest portals?

A.    Policy Administration Node
B.    Guest Service persona
C.    Policy Service persona
D.    Monitoring persona

Answer: C

Cisco ISE uses HTTPS for its Guest Service portals (Guest, Sponsor, WebAuth). What is the default TCP port number?

A.    8443
B.    8080
C.    443
D.    80

Answer: A

Which three algorithms does Radio Resource Management use?

A.    Dynamic Channel Assignment, Transmit Power Control, Coverage Hole Detection
B.    CleanAir, Coverage Hole Detection, General Profile Threshold
C.    CleanAir, Transmit Power Control, General Profile Threshold
D.    CleanAir, Dynamic Channel Assignment, Rogue Location and Containment

Answer: A

Which access categories are defined in the Wi-Fi Alliance Wireless Multimedia certification?

A.    Voice, Video, Best Effort, Background
B.    802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11a, 802.11n
C.    802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11w, 802.11ac
D.    Expedite Forwarding, Assured Forwarding, Data, Scavenger Traffic

Answer: A

In the Cisco Unified Wireless Network infrastructure, which combination of devices and/or features best accomplishes high availability?

A.    backup controllers and client SSO
B.    backup controllers and LAG
C.    N+1 and client state replication
D.    N+1 and backup controllers

Answer: A

Which feature should you recommend if a customer has high-density wireless deployments and they want to monitor bandwidth consumption and manage network resource utilization?

A.    CleanAir
B.    Bonjour
C.    ACL
D.    AVC

Answer: D

Which set of Converged Access components is related to “physical” entities?

A.    mobility agent, mobility controller, mobility oracle
B.    mobility controller, mobility groups, switch peer group
C.    mobility groups, switch peer group
D.    mobility oracle, switch peer group, mobility domain

Answer: A

In the Converged Access solution, how does the controller display the access point name when there is no existing configuration for the AP?

A.    AP+IP address dotted decimal, for example, AP10.10.1.1
B.    AP+Ethernet MAC Address, for example, AP44d3:ca42.4337
C.    AP+IP address in hex, for example, AP0A.0A.01.01
D.    AP+Base Radio MAC Address, for example, AP18.33.9d.f1.40.50

Answer: B

When the Cisco Catalyst 3850 is configured as a wireless mobility agent, what must be true?

A.    Cisco ISE must be joined to Microsoft AD.
B.    Access points must be connected directly to the Catalyst 3850.
C.    Access points may be connected anywhere in the network.
D.    The mobility controller must be CT5760.

Answer: B

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