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The Ajax Corporation is designing an IP telephony network using Cisco MCS 7845 Series servers, each one capable of supporting 7500 devices. The design must meet these requirements:

be cost-effective
support up to 7500 phones
provide a minimal level of redundancy

Which configuration will meet Ajax Corporation needs?

A.    two Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers:
1 publisher and TFTP server combined
1 primary subscriber
B.    three Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers:
1 publisher and TFTP server combined
1 primary subscriber
1 backup subscriber
C.    four Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers:
1 publisher
1 TFTP server
1 primary subscriber
1 backup subscriber
D.    five Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers
1 publisher
1 TFTP server
1 primary subscriber
2 backup subscribers

Answer: B

What is the relationship between a Region and a Location?

A.    The Region codec parameter is used between a Region and its configured Locations.
B.    The Region setting for a Location sets the number of audio and video calls that Location can support.
C.    The codec parameter configured in the Region is only used between Regions and Location bandwidth is only used between Locations.
D.    The Region codec parameter is combined with Location bandwidth when communicating with other Regions.

Answer: C

How are Cisco Unified CallManager location parameters used?

A.    Assign directory numbers to devices as they connect to the IP telephony network
B.    Specify the bandwidth used for audio and video calls.
C.    Implement call admission control in a centralized call processing deployment.
D.    Provide alternate call routing when the primary call path is unavailable

Answer: C

Which statement regarding Cisco IP voice media streaming application is correct?

A.    It should be activated on the gateway in cluster that supports the TFTP service
B.    It should be activated on the gatekeeper in cluster that supports the TFTP service
C.    It should be activated on the node in cluster that does not support the TFTP service
D.    It should be activated on the node in cluster that supports the TFTP service

Answer: D

Which two codecs are required for Cisco WebEx Enabled TelePresence? (Choose two.)

A.    G.711 codec for audio
B.    H.264 codec for video
C.    G.729 codec for audio
D.    G.711 or G.729 codec for audio
E.    H.263 codec for video
F.    H.264 or H.263 codec for video

Answer: AB

What is the correct path selection for a call that is routed through a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system?

A.    Devices -> Route Group -> Route List -> Route Pattern
B.    Route List -> Route Pattern -> Route Group -> Devices
C.    Route Pattern -> Route List -> Route Group -> Devices
D.    Route Group -> Devices -> Route Pattern -> Route List

Answer: C

Which configuration output indicates a properly configured T1 digital voice interface?

A.    controller T1 0/0/0
framing esf
linecode b8zs
pri-group timeslots 1-24
B.    isdn switch-type primary-ni
controller T1 0/0/0
framing esf
linecode b8zs
C.    isdn switch-type primary-ni
controller T1 0/0/0
framing esf
linecode b8zs
pri-group timeslots 1-24
isdn switch-type primary-ni
D.    isdn switch-type primary-ni
controller T1 0/0/0
framing esf
linecode b8zs
dial-peer voice 1 pots
destination-pattern 54….
port 0/0/0:23

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. A Cisco Unified Communications Manager group is configured with the subscriber ( listed first and the publisher ( listed second. Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager is used for incoming calls through an MGCP gateway?


A.    the publisher
B.    both the publisher and subscriber in a round-robin format
C.    the first server listed in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager group list
D.    the subscriber

Answer: A

Which three statements about the default VoIP dial peer are true? (Choose three.)

A.    VAD is disabled.
B.    RSVP is not supported.
C.    Only the G.711 codec is supported.
D.    The G.729 and G.711 codecs are supported.
E.    Fax-rate service is supported.
F.    DTMF relay is supported.

Answer: BDE

Refer to the exhibit and configuration output. A user in New York (5001) is trying to call a user in London (6001), but the call cannot be completed. Assuming that the WAN uplink is failing and the voice traffic has to go out toward the PSTN, which command do you need to add to dial peer to solve this issue?


dial-peer voice 3 pots
destination-pattern 6…
preference 1
port 0/0/0:23
dtmf-relay sip-notify

A.    num-exp 512602 6001
B.    prefix 757385
C.    forward-digits 2
D.    forward-digits 4
E.    prefix 5126

Answer: B

You are a Voice Engineer at ABC Company. You want to implement a voice translation profile to perform the following manipulation: The incoming DNIS 9876562XXX should be modified to 2XXX. Which four commands are required to configure the translation profile? (Choose four.)

A.    voice translation-rule 1
B.    rule 1 /^ 9876562/ /2/
C.    voice translation-profile incoming-calls
D.    translate called 1
E.    rule 1 /^ 9876562$/ /2/ type subscriber
F.    translation-profile incoming incoming-calls
G.    translate calling 1
H.    translate called rule 1

Answer: ABCD

On what equipment do you configure Layer 2 to Layer 3 QoS mapping?

A.    switch
B.    router
C.    firewall
D.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager
E.    bridge

Answer: B

Which mechanism is often configured on the edges of a network to control the maximum rate of traffic that is sent or received on an interface and to classify the traffic into priority levels or class of service?

A.    routing
B.    shaping
C.    policing
D.    access control
E.    traffic regulation

Answer: C

Which three characteristics of a video stream require the implementation of QoS? (Choose three.)

A.    variable packet rate
B.    constant bandwidth
C.    small packets
D.    high MTU
E.    high packet rate

Answer: ADE

Which two statements about Cisco VCS Addressing Zones are true? (Choose two.)

A.    They can be local to the Cisco VCS or can be remote.
B.    A zone is a collection of endpoints that share the same dialing behavior and bandwidth settings.
C.    They consist of traversal and nontraversal zones.
D.    They can only be local.
E.    They consist of subzones such as DNS zones.

Answer: AB

Which four call coverage features are used by voice gateways? (Choose four.)

A.    call hunt
B.    Call Park
C.    Call Pickup
D.    call redirecting
E.    overlaid phone-dn
F.    basic automatic call distribution
G.    overlaid ephone-dn
H.    basic manual call distribution

Answer: ACFG

Which three CLI commands allow you to verify the correct VoIP dial-peer matching? (Choose three.)

A.    debug ccsip messages
B.    debug voip ccapi inout
C.    debug dialpeer match
D.    debug voip dialpeer inout
E.    show dialplan number

Answer: BDE

Which three of these are characteristics of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager software- based Media Termination Point? (Choose three.)

A.    The codec and packetization of both call legs must be identical.
B.    This Media Termination Point type does not require any DSP resources on the Cisco router.
C.    DSP resources are required.
D.    It can provide G.711 mu-law to G.711 a-law conversion and vice versa.
E.    It can provide packetization conversion for a given codec (for example, if one call leg is using a
20-ms sample size, but the other call leg is using a 30-ms sample size).
F.    This Media Termination Point type is typically used for RSVP agent configurations or Cisco Unified Border Element media flow-through configurations.

Answer: BDE

Which option describes how you add software conference bridges to Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    by adding a Cisco Unified CM server to the cluster
B.    by adding a software conference bridge using Conference Bridge Configuration
C.    by installing DSP to a Cisco Unified CM server
D.    by reassigning other media resources to conference resources

Answer: A

Which of these media resources can be configured in Cisco Unified Communication manager? (Choose Three)

A.    MOH Server
B.    Voice Termination Point DSP
C.    Transcoder
D.    Auto Attendant
E.    Conference Bridge

Answer: ACE

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