Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass Oracle 1Z0-546 Dumps

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-546
Exam Name: StorageTek Tape Libraries Essentials

When planning for partitioning the SL8500, which is NOT an assessment question?

A.    How many partitions will there be in the library?
B.    Is this a new or existing installation?
C.    How many cartridges, free slots, and tape drives are needed for each partition?
D.    How many CAP slots are needed for each partition?

Answer: D

Which feature contributes most to improved performance and higher library availability with the SL8500?

A.    Redundant Control Cards
B.    Partitioning
C.    Redundant CAPs
D.    Redundant Robots

Answer: B

Which three scenarios would be more optimal for logical partitioning than physical partitioning?

A.    Customer would like to partition an SL8500 complex into smaller partitions.
B.    Customer would like to partition an SL8500 or an SL3000 into more partitions than physical partitioning
C.    Customer would like to partition an SL3000 into two partitions, one for mainframe and one for open
D.    Customer would prefer multiple partitions to be controlled by VOLSER than physical address.

Answer: C

When configuring drives in logical libraries which of the following is false?

A.    To assign multiple drives to a logical library, the drives must be located in the same ACS.
B.    Drives may be shared across multiple logical libraries.
C.    Both LTO and Enterprise drives may be configured into logical libraries.
D.    Drives may only be added to logical libraries through the ACSLS GUI.

Answer: A

On the SL3000, if you convert two Cartridge Expansion Modules to two Parking Expansion Modules, how many slots will you lose?

A.    312
B.    440
C.    516
D.    620

Answer: D

What ACSLS command would you use to enter a volser (WHY200) into the library with manual caps?

A.    Enter WHY200 0, 0, 0
B.    Set cap auto WHY200
C.    Unlock cap 0, 0, 0
D.    Enter 0, 0, 0

Answer: B

ACSLS and the database MUST be in what mode to accomplish a restore?

A.    Both stopped
B.    ACSLS down, database up
C.    ACSLS up, database down
D.    Both running

Answer: A

Which generations of LTO tape drives does SL500 support?

A.    LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, and LTO5
B.    LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, and LTO5
C.    LTO3, LTO4, and LTO5
D.    LTO4 and LTO5

Answer: A

Which four are recommendations for minimizing elevator and PTP activity in an SL8500V?

A.    Mount cartridges in tape drives that are on the same rail.
B.    Use float when dismounting cartridges.
C.    Utilize a second CAP to help enter cartridges to the top rail.
D.    Enter cartridges into an LSM (rail) that has compatible tape drives for that media type.
E.    Maintain sufficient number of scratch cartridges on each rail.

Answer: ACDE

Identify two high availability features that are unique to Oracle-StorageTek Enterprise libraries.

A.    Redundant Power and Hot-Swappable Drives
B.    Redundant CAPs and Hot Swappable Control Cards
C.    Hot Swappable Redundant Robotics and Control Cards
D.    Hot Swappable Drives and Redundant CAPs
E.    Redundant Robotics and Hot Swappable Drives

Answer: C

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