Latest Avaya 6006 Practice Exams Free Download with PDF & VCE (11-20)

A technician wants to test and see if the voice channel between two IP phones
Which command in site administration terminal (SAT) can be used to determine?

A.    Status station <extension>
B.    Status shuffling <extension>
C.    List station <extension>
D.    Test station <extension>

Answer: A

Which Ethernet port on S8800 server is for server duplication?

A.    ETH0
B.    ETH1
C.    ETH2
D.    ETH3

Answer: D

Dropped calls are occurring frequently and the user would like to usea command to show packet loss experienced by the MedPro.
Which two commands would show the packet loss? (Choose two)

A.    Status IP-board
B.    Status processor-IP-interface
C.    List measurements IP voice-stats
D.    List trace station

Answer: AC

Which two statements about IP phones firmware updates are true? (Choose two)

A.    An upgrade script file and the settings files are required to perform an upgrade on IP phones.
B.    SIP Phones download script files, setting files,and firmware from tftp servers only.
C.    A tftp,or https server are required for IP Phone firmware upgrades.
D.    The S8300 media server offers fttp capability for IP phone Upgrades.

Answer: AC

Which field “media-gateway” forms is required for the Media Gateway to register back to the original Gatekeeper?

A.    Registered
B.    Recovery rule
C.    Network rule
D.    Serial number

Answer: B

When upgrading multiple components in a Communication Manager server/gateway configuration, which specific upgrade sequenceid followed?

A.    H 248 GW and supportedmedia modules,ASPs, ESSs, Primary Servers
B.    Primary Servers, LSPs, ESS, H.248 media gateways and supported media modules
C.    LSPs, H.248 GW and supported media modules,ESSs, Primary Servers
D.    Primary Servers,ESS, LSPs,H.248 GW and supported media modules

Answer: C

The audio portion of many stable telephone calls can be preserved through the course of system upgrade. When are upgrades on duplicated servers”callpreserving?”

A.    Upgrades across dot release (e.g. Cm 5.1xto CM 5.2x)
B.    Upgrades not including hardware updates
C.    Upgrades across major release (e.g. CM 4.0xto CM 5.2x)
D.    Updates are including firmware updates.

Answer: A

The ping command isused for troubleshooting.
What is the Avaya recommended maximum acceptable value for milliseconds (ms) delay when assuming VoIP quality?

A.    20 ms
B.    80 ms
C.    120 ms
D.    180 ms

Answer: D

Which protocol is used to register the Media gateway G450 to gatekeeper?

A.    H.323
B.    H.248
C.    H.255
D.    Q.931

Answer: B

What is the procedure to upgrade a duplicated S8xxx-series server?

A.    Upgrade the active first,and then upgrade the standby.
B.    Upgrade the standby server first, and then upgrade the active.
C.    Upgrade the active server first,which automatically upgrades the standby server.
D.    Upgrade the standby server first,which automatically upgrades the active server.

Answer: B

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