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Which three network topologies can be deployed on the cisco ASR 9000 satellite nV System network? (Choose three)

A.    Mesh Network
B.    Layer 2 fabric
C.    Dual home
D.    Overlay network
E.    Dual ring
F.    Hub and spoke

Answer: BCF

Which two options are characteristics of MoFRR? ( Choose two)

A.    Uses additional PIM join toward source
B.    Based on multicast forward error correction feature
C.    Based on PIM Fast Route
D.    Requires MPLS TE FRR enabled with link protection and node protection
E.    Utilizes two equal-cost paths toward source

Answer: AE

Which two MVPN profile use either PIM or BGP-AD to advertise the Data-MDT? (Choose two)

A.    Profile 0 : Rosen GRE
B.    Profile 5 : MS-PMSI (Partition) MLDP P2MP with BGP-AD
C.    Profile 3 : Rosen GRE with BGP-AD
D.    Profile 4 : MS-PMSI (Partition) MLDP P2MP with BGP-AD
E.    Profile 9 : Rosen MLDP with BGP-AD
F.    Profile 1 : Rosen MLDP

Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit. Customer Y reported that internet traffic stopped for a few minute. The ISP ABC operation engineer identified that this occurred when ASBR1 router reloaded OSPF coverage faster than BGP. Which command prevent this happening?


A.    Graceful restart
B.    set-overload-bit on startup wait-for-bgp
C.    bfd min_rx 100 max_rx 100 multiplier 3
D.    max-metric router-lsa on startup 300

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which PW type is negotiated?


A.    Type 1
B.    Type 2
C.    Type 3
D.    Type 4
E.    Type 5
F.    Type 6

Answer: E

Operations team must deploy Inter-Chassis Communication Protocol to provide high availability services to dual-homed CE nodes. On which nodes must the Inter-Chassis Communication Protocol be configured to meet this requirement?

A.    P nodes
B.    Metro Ethernet switches nodes
C.    CE nodes
D.    PE nodes

Answer: D

A network engineer has a requirement to configure IP flow exporting using standard protocols on a cisco IOS XE device. Which configuration achieves this goal?

A.    flow exporter EXPORTER
export-protocol version 9
transport udp 90
B.    flow exporter EXPORTER
source Loopback 0
transport udp 90
C.    flow exporter EXPORTER
source Loopback 0
transport udp 90
version ipfix
D.    flow exporter EXPORTER
export-protocol ipfix
transport udp 90

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A company has four office locations, which are identified as 1,2,3 and 4.
The PE routers at these locations have assigned RDs of 10:10 , 20:20, 30:30 and 40:40, respectively Locations 1 and 3 need to share routing information.


Which set of configurations allows for this requirement?

A.    Site 3:
vrf defination ACME
route-target import 10:20
route-target import 20:30
route-target import 40:40
B.    Site 1:
vrf defination ACME
route-target import 15:15
Site 3 :
vrf deination ACME
route-target import 15:15
C.    Site 1:
vrf defination ACME
route-target import 20:20
route-target import 30:30
route-target import 40:40
D.    Site 1:
vrf definition ACME
route-target export 15:15
Site 3:
vrf definition ACME
route-target export 15:15
E.    Site 1:
vrf definition ACME
route-target import 30:30
Site 3 :
vrf definition ACME
route-target import 10:10

Answer: E

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the OSPF PE-CE components on the left onto correct description on the right




A customer requires to exchange BGP IPv6 prefixes with a service provider. However, the customer is unwilling to propagate its own IPv6 prefixes over the Internet through the service provider. What task engineer take to achieve this objective?

A.    Configure the IPv6 prefixes of the customer with the predefined BGP no-export community attribute
B.    Configure the BGP next-hop for IPv6 prefixes of the customer with the address of the ISP BGP route server
C.    Define a route-map or RPL that blackholes all customer IPv6 prefixes
D.    Configure the IPv6 prefixes of the customer with the predefined BGP no-advertise community attribute

Answer: A

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the characteristics of Cisco IOS and Cisco IOS XR from the left onto the correct kernel, memory management, and software packaging categories on the right



Which protocol provides fast link failure detection for all type of encapsulation?

A.    Prefix Independent Convergence
B.    Carrier delay
C.    Non stop forwarding
D.    Bidirectional forwarding detection

Answer: D

Drag and Drop Question
Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the NetConf architecture components from the left on to the correct network functionality on the right





The XYZ service provider network is composed of hundreds of routers that run OSPF and LDP. Which two LDP features can be used to increase peering update performance and reduce local memory consumption? (Choose two)

A.    Session protection
B.    Specify label range
C.    Autoconfig
D.    Label allocation control
E.    IGP sync
F.    Label acceptance control

Answer: DF

Refer to the exhibit R1 is migrating from ISP 1 to ISP 2. The R1 ISO image does not support the 4-byte AS feature. Which configuration on R1 can establish this EBGP session?


A.    Router bgp 200
Neighbor local-as-65600
B.    Router bgp 200
Neighbor remote-as 23456
C.    Router bgp 200
Neighbor remote-as 65600
D.    Router bgp 200
Neighbor local-as-23456

Answer: B

Which three IS-IS TLVs floods the MPLS TE resource allocation information through the network? (Choose three)

A.    Traffic engineering router ID
B.    Extended IP reachability
C.    IS TE reachability
D.    RSVP
E.    Extended IS reachability
F.    Opaque

Answer: ABE

Refer to the exhibit. AS 200 uses the CSC solution provided by AS 100 with regards to the packets originated on ABC-Site2 going toward to ABC-Site1, how many labels are in the label stack of these packets when they cross the link between CSC-PE2 and CS-P?


A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: C

In an NFV environment, what is the role of an SDN controller?

A.    Dynamically controls all of the software components
B.    Spins up the VMs that are required to build the NFVs
C.    Dynamically scales up and scales down VM resources
D.    Connects the virtualized networking devices through a common policy-based model

Answer: D

Which component does NSF rely on to ensure that interfaces remain up during switchover and that lower layer protocol state is maintained?

A.    SSO
B.    BFD
C.    IP FRR
D.    LFA

Answer: A

Which description is true of what the fast-reroute keep-all-paths command accomplishes when under OSPF process?

A.    Besides the regular LFA backup paths, this command also installs the remote LFA backup paths
B.    By default, only the/32 routes have a backup path installed. This command creates a backup path for the router with any subnet mask
C.    All backup routes-not only the best backup route-are installed in the OSPF RIB
D.    All possible alternate routes are installed in the OSPF RIB, even if the alternate paths do not meet LFA criteria (the LFA inequalities)

Answer: C

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