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Which statement about the integration of ISE with Cisco Prime Infrastructure version 2.2 is true?

A.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure can display ISE profiling attributes for authenticated and un authenticated clients.
B.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure can collect client authentication details from upto three configured ISE servers.
C.    ISE can be added to Cisco Prime Infrastructure only using user credentials of admin user configured locally on ISE.
D.    When two instances of ISE are added to Cisco Prime Infrastructure. One must be working in secondary mode.

Answer: D

In a common IoT infrastructure architecture, which technologies apply to the category of a field area network?

B.    Multicast
C.    3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi/Ethernet/PLC
D.    Embedded systems and sensors

Answer: C

When configuration an autonoumous access point, which configuration broadcasts two SSIDs?


Answer: B

Which event happens when a wireless client connects to a Cisco 5760 Converged Access Controller with a WLAN configured for AAA override enabled and an invalid VLAN (not configured on the Cisco 5760) is returned as part of RADIUS accept message by the Cisco ISE server?

A.    The client is marked as associated and DHCP required state.
B.    The client is marked as atuthenticated but does not get an IP address.
C.    The client is put in exclusion list by the WLC.
D.    The client is put in the RUN state and is mapped to the wireless management VLAN.

Answer: B

For “Local mode” APs, which multilcast mode is recommended when configuring MediaStream on a Cisco WLC?

A.    Multicast-multicast
B.    Multicast-unicast
C.    Multicast-routing
D.    Multicast-direct

Answer: A

Which IEEE protocol can help a wireless client device to identify nearby APs that are available as roaming targets?

A.    802.11h
B.    802.11ac
C.    802.11k
D.    802.11n
E.    802.11w

Answer: C

Which enhancement was introduced in 802.11ac Wave 2 and was not present in 802.11n?

A.    64 QAM
B.    128 QAM
D.    40 MHz channel width
E.     Four spatial streams

Answer: C

When connecting an autonomous access point in workgroup bridge mode to a WLAN configured on a Cisco WLC. Which two options are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The WGB mode allows to connect only one wired client behind the WGB to the WLAN.
B.    The WGB cannot serve wireless clients.
C.    The traffic of the wired client behind the WGB can be tunneled only to the Cisco WLC on the
VLAN configured for the dynamic interface of the WLAN.
D.    The traffic of the wired client tagged on a specific VLAN behind the WGB can be tunneled to the same VLAN behind the the Cisco WLC.
E.    The WGB creates a network extension for the wired clients.
F.    The WGB could serve wireless clients only on the other radio not connecting to the WLAN.

Answer: BC

You are designing a wireless network for a museum. One of their requirements is to track people inside the museum and push a notification into their tablet device as soon as they step in front of a painting with information about the artist and the painting. This information must be delivered in real time. You are using regular probe request-based tracking and during testing. You notice that although the tablet Is connected to the museum Wi-Fi network, the location is not updating in real time as you move. It can take almost 2 minutes for the location to be updated.
Which option is the likely reason for this issue?

A.    Cisco MSE does not perform a new location calculation for certain elements if the resulting position is not at least 5 meters different than the previous location.
B.    Probe request-based tracking is bound to delay due to the broadcast type of traffic that is not acknowledged over the air and could be lost.
C.    CCXv4 S60 is disabled by default. You must enable CCXv4 S60, which is compatible with all Wi-Fi clients. This feature comes out location updates more frequently.
D.    Probe request-based tracking is device dependent. The tablet might not send a probe request if it is maintaining a good Wi-Fi signal, which can cause slower location updates.

Answer: D

Which action is needed to edit the settings of an RF profile?

A.    Disable both radio networks
B.    Disable custom power level settings for all APs within the group to which the profile is linked.
C.    Remove the desired RF profile from all AP groups.
D.    RF profiles cannot be edited. They must be removed and recreated with the desired values.

Answer: C

Which three statements about enabling the wireless feature on Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 8-E are true?(Choose three.)

A.    Only the install boot method is supported.
B.    Access points must terminate on the same chassis/SUP to join the wireless controller.
C.    Visual Switching System must be disabled.
D.    Maximum number of access points that can join the wireless controller is 200, and the maximum number of wireless clients that can be supported by wireless controller is 4000.
E.    Bundle and install boot modes are supported.
F.    Virtual Switching System must be enabled.

Answer: ABC

Which two IETF RADIUS attributes sent by the Cisco WLC can be used to differentiate authentication requests based on the user location?(Choose two.)

A.    RADIUS attribute [31] Calling-Station-Id
B.    RADIUS attribute [4] NAS-IP-Address
C.    RADIUS attribute [95] NAS-IPv6-Address
D.    RADIUS attribute [32] NAS-Identifier
E.    RADIUS attribute [303] Source-IP
F.    RADIUS attribute [30] Called-Station-Id

Answer: DF

Which statement about the high availability feature on Cisco Prime Infrastructure version 2.2 is correct?

A.    With Manual Failover configured, e-mail notification is sent when the primary server goes down.
B.    Server high availability role, that is primary or secondary can be configured post installation from Cisco Prime Infrastructure GUI interface.
C.    Port number 8088 is used connect to the web interface of the secondary Cisco Prime Infrastructure server.
D.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure supports multiple high availability configurations, that is one primary and two or more secondary systems.
Answer: A

You are the network administrator at ACME Corporation and currently troubleshooting a Central Web Authentication issue where the guest users are not being redirected to the ISE guest login portal. You have verified that all configuration on the ISE is correct and that the ISE is sending the redirect URL for the client. Which configuration check can help to resolve the issue?

A.    Verify if RADIUS accounting interim update is enabled on the guest SSID
B.    Verify if SNMP NAC is enabled on the guest SSID
C.    Verify if the SSID is configured for WPA2-AES Layer 2 security
D.    Verify if AAA override is enabled on the guest SSID
E.    Verify if the RFC 3567 support is enabled under ISE configuration on the Cisco WLC.
F.    Verify if authentication priority for web-auth is set to RADIUS.

Answer: D

Which two statements about VXLAN are true?(Choose two.)

A.    VXLAN overcornes the 802.1Q virtual LAN address space limitation.
B.    VXLAN is an encapsulation method used to create a Layer 3 overlay network.
C.    VXLAN uses the Spanning Tree Protocol for loop prevention.
D.    VXLAN is a Cisco proprietary standard.
E.    VXLAN can be used to enforce Layer 2 isolation in a multienant infrastructure.

Answer: AE

Which two statements are true about adding Identity Services Engines 1.3 to Prime Infrastructure
2.2?(Choose two.)

A.    You need to use superuser credentials on ISE for PI integration to work.
B.    If you add two ISEs, one should be primary and the other should be standby.
C.    Configuration templates within PI can be used to set up ISE.
D.    A maximum of three ISEs can be added to PI.

Answer: AB

Drag and Drop Question
Match the dBm value on the left to the correct mV value on the right.




Which of the below feature intersection of a Cisco 5760 Wireless LAN Controller with HA AP SSO is true?

A.    Mobility paths and tunnels to the MO and other peer MCs are not disrupted upon switchover. However that under which the HA pair exists and is re-learnt from the new Active controller when the client re-associate
B.    The new active controller doesn’t have to re-learn the shun list from IPS and other MCs, prior to redistribute
C.    Roamed clients that have their data path going through the Mobility Tunnel Endpoint(MTE) “becomes foreign” Anchoring. L3 Roamed Clients are only affected when roaming occurs between CUWN and CA controllers.
D.    Switchover during AP pre-image download does not cause the APs to start image download all over again from the new Active controller.

Answer: A

You have added your Active Directory server to the Cisco ISE and see the status as operational. However, when you try to add Active Directory groups to your authorization policy conditions in the Cisco ISE, no Active Directory groups appear. What is the most likely reason?

A.    You did not add any attributes in the Active Directory join point under the External Identity Sources.
B.    A firewall is blocking TCP port 389 between the Cisco ISE and Active Directory.
C.    You did not add any groups in the Active Directory join point under the External Identity Sources.
D.    The credentials used to join the Cisco ISE to Active Directory do not have sufficient privileges to query Active Directory.

Answer: C

Which option lists the EAP types that are supported by a WLC that is configured with local EAP capabilities?


Answer: C
http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/controller/8-0/configuration-guide/b_cg80/b_cg80_chapter_0101111.html (see the note)

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