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Which two statements about DTLS are true?(Choose two.)

A.    If DPD is enabled.DTLS can fall back to a TLS connection.
B.    It is disabled by default if you enable SSL VPN on the interface.
C.    It uses two simultaneous IPSec tunnels to carry traffic.
D.    If DTLS is disabled on an interface, then SSL VPN connections must use SSL/TLS tunnels.
E.    Because if requires two tunnels, it may experience more latency issues than SSL connections.

Answer: AC

What protocol does SMTPS use to secure SMTP connections?

A.    TLS
B.    AES
C.    Telnet
D.    SSH

Answer: A

What security element must an organization have in place befor it can implement a security audit and validate the audit results?

A.    a security policy
B.    an Incident Response Team
C.    Network access control
D.    Firewalls
E.    a Security Operations Center

Answer: A

Which two router configurations block packets with the type 0 routing header on the interface?(Choose two)

A.    A
B.    B
C.    C
D.    D
E.      E

Answer: BC

What are three ways you can enforce a BCP38 policy on an Internet edge device? (Choose three.)

A.    Avoid RFC 1918 internal addressing.
B.    Apply ingress filters for RFC 1918 addresses
C.    Apply ingress ACL. Filters for BOGON routes
D.    Implement source NAT
E.    Implement Unicast RPF.
F.    Implement Cisco Express Forwarding.

Answer: BCE

Refer to the exhibit. What feature must be implemented on the network to produce the given output?

A.    CAR
B.    NBAR
C.    WFQ
D.    PQ
E.    CQ

Answer: B

What is an example of a WEP cracking attack?

A.    Cafe Latte attack
B.    Reflected XSS attack
C.    Directory traversal attack
D.    SQL injection attack

Answer: A

Which statement about remote procedure calls is true?

A.    They can be invoked by the client and the server
B.    They can emulate different hardware specifications on a single platform
C.    They support synchronous and asynchronous requests
D.    They use a special assembly instruction set to process remote code without conflicting with other remote processes
E.    They support optimized data replication among multiple machines

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Routers R1,R2, and R3 have IPv6 reachability, and R1 and R3 are able to ping each other with IPv6 global unicast address. However, R1 and R3 are unable to ping eachother with their link-local address.
What is a possible reason for the problem?

A.    Multicast must be enabled to allow link-local address to traverse multiple hops.
B.    Link-local addresses can be used only with a physical interface’s local network
C.    ICMPv6 packets are dropped when the destination uses a link-local address
D.    Link-local addresses are forwarded by IPv6 routers using loopback interfaces
E.    Link-local address can communicate with neighboring nodes only if routing is enabled between them

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which effect of this configuration is true?

A.    Host_1 learns about R1, R2 and R3 and prefers R2 as its default router.
B.    Host_1 learns about R2, R3 only and R3 and prefers R3 as its default router.
C.    Host_1 selects R2 as its default router and load balances between R2 and R3
D.    Host_1 learns about R1, R2 and R3 and load balances between them.
E.    Host_1 learns about R2, R3 only and R3 and prefers R2 as its default router.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. What type of attack is illustrated?

A.    IP address spoofing
B.    ICMP flood
C.    CAM overflow
D.    ARP spoofing

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which command caused the above messages?

A.    neighbor maximun-prefix 500 70 warning-only
B.    neighbor maximun-prefix 500 70
C.    neighbor maximun-prefix 500 80 warning-only
D.    neighbor maximun-prefix 500 90

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. What is the effect of the given service policy configuration?

A.    It blocks Facebook.com, msn.com, cisco.com, and google.com, and permits all other domains.
B.    It blocks all domains except cisco.com, msn.com, cisco.Facebook.com
C.    It blocks all domains except Facebook.com, msn.com, cisco.com, and google.com
D.    It blocks cisco.com, msn.com, and Facebook.com and permits all other domains

Answer: B

What is the maximum pattern length supported by FPM searches within a packet?

A.    1500 bytes
B.    256 bytes
C.    512 bytes
D.    128 bytes

Answer: B

For which reason would an RSA key pair need to be removed?

A.    PKI architecture would never allow the RSA key pair removal
B.    The existing CA is replaced and the new CA requires newly generated keys
C.    The CA is under DoS attack
D.    The CA has Suffered a power outage

Answer: B

Which statement about the cisco AnyConnect Web Secruity module is true?

A.    It is deployed on points to route HTTP traffic to ScanSafe.
B.    It is VPN client software that works over the SSL protocol.
C.    It is an endpoint component that is used with smart tunnels in a Clientless
D.    It operates as an NAC Agent when it is configured with the AnyConnect VPN client

Answer: B

Which two statement about ICMP redirect messages are true? (Choose two)

A.    Redirects are only to the CPU if the packets are also source-routed
B.    By default, configuring HSRP on the interface disables ICMP redirect functionality
C.    They are generated by the host to inform the router of an alternate route to the destination
D.    They are generated when a packet enters and exits the same router interface
E.    The messages contain an ICMP Type 3 and ICMP code 7

Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit. If you apply the given command to a Cisco device running IOS or IOS XE, which two statements about connections to the HTTP server on the device are true? (Choose two)

A.    Connections will close after 60 seconds or as soon as the first request is processed
B.    When you apply the command. The device will immediately close any existing connections that have been open for longer than 90 seconds
C.    The device will close each connection after 90seconds even if a connection is actively processing a request
D.    Connections will close after 60 seconds without activity or 90 seconds with activety
E.    Connections will close after 60 seconds without activity or as soon as the first request is processed

Answer: CD

Which two options are differences between automation and orchestration? (Choose two)

A.    Orchestration is focused on an end to-end process or workflow
B.    Automation is a f workflow composed of tasks. And orchestration is a technical task
C.    Automation is focused on automating a single or multiple tasks
D.    Automation is to be used to replace human intervention
E.    Orchestration is focused on multiple technologies to be integrated together

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit.
SW1#config t
SW1(config)#dot1x system-auth-control
Which statement about the effect of this configuration is true?

A.    It blocks all EAPOL from passing through the switch
B.    It puts all ports on the switch into the authorized state
C.    It enables 802.1x globally on the switch
D.    It disables the of guest VLANs on the switch

Answer: C

Which Cisco product solution is designed for workload mobility between public-public and Private-public clouds?

A.    Cisco metapod
B.    Cisco Intercloudfubric
C.    Cisco Unified Cloud
D.    Cisco Cloud Orthestrator

Answer: B

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