Symantec 250-365 Practice Exams – 100% success Guaranteed

Vendor: Symantec
Exam Code: 250-365
Exam Name: Data Protection Administration for Windows using NetBackup 6.5

What should be entered into the SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS file to set the data buffer size to 64 KB?
B.    BUFFERSIZE = 65536
C.    64
D.    65536

Answer: D

Given the following information about a policy with a single UNIX client: Allow Multiple Data Streams is enabled. ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is specified. Media multiplexing is set to 6. Three tape drives are available in the storage unit, and MPX per drive is 2. Max Jobs per Client is set to 8. The client has five local file systems with no exclude list. How many backups will be active (versus queued) after the policy is successfully invoked?

A.    2
B.    5
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: B

Which three factors determine the number of data streams that can run concurrently? (Select three.)

A.    available devices
B.    network bandwidth
C.    multiplexing setting
D.    MAX_STREAMS setting
E.    maximum jobs per client setting

Answer: ACE

Which two logs are used to determine the performance of a backup to a tape drive over the network? (Select two.)

A.    bprd
B.    bpcd
C.    bptm
D.    bpbkar
E.    bpdm

Answer: CD

What is the default length of time before NetBackup moves a backup job from an Incomplete state to a Done state?

A.    three minutes
B.    three hours
C.    three days
D.    three weeks

Answer: B

An administrator needs a complete list of tapes, indicating tape status for each volume pool. What will provide this information?

A.    All Tape Properties report
B.    Tape Summary report
C.    bpmedialist -all
D.    available_media

Answer: D

Which statement is true about the NetBackup Support Utility (NBSU)?

A.    NBSU provides information about the NetBackup configuration only; NBOS is required for OS and hardware information.
B.    NBSU runs checks on the Enterprise Media Manager (EMM) database to determine if there are inconsistencies.
C.    NBSU can be invoked from the console by selecting Help -> Gather support information.
D.    NBSU collects data on NetBackup as well as the operating system and hardware.

Answer: A

Media serverA has performed a backup of ClientB. An administrator needs to perform a restore of data to ClientB, and media serverA is currently busy doing backups. Which setting in Host Properties can be changed under the General Server tab to accommodate this?

A.    Alternate client restore
B.    Media host override
C.    Media host overwrite
D.    Alternate server restore

Answer: B

An administrator is reviewing the available_media output. If the robot type is listed as NONE, where is the tape physically located?

A.    in the tape library in the NetBackup domain
B.    in a different tape library in the NetBackup domain
C.    out of the tape library
D.    out of the robot tape drive

Answer: C

Which report shows backup IDs?

A.    Tape Lists
B.    Images on Tape
C.    Tape Summary
D.    Status of Backups

Answer: B

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