Latest Avaya 6006 Practice Exams Free Download with PDF & VCE (31-40)

A technicianis on initial installation and SAMP card is not working.
What is the command to verify the version of software on the SAMP card?

A.    sampcmd samp-update status
B.    status samp
C.    rest samp software-version
D.    list config samp

Answer: A

Which component is duplicated to provide a seamless redundant voice path?

A.    Media Resource
B.    CLAN
C.    MediaProcessor
D.    Maintenance

Answer: C

Which Ethernet port on the S8730 server is used for server duplication when using the hardware duplication feature(DAL 1 or DAL 2 card)?

A.    Ethernet 0
B.    Ethernet 1
C.    Ethernet 2
D.    Ethernet 3

Answer: D

A technician is planning to implement the processor Ethernet feature on an Avaya S8510 server that is directly connected to Mediagateway G450.
Which three commands must be used to configure Processor Ethernet mode on the Avaya S8510 server and to add the G450 to the server? (Choose three)

A.    Type “add ip-interface procr” to add the processor Ethernet.
B.    Type “add media-gateway” to add the G450
C.    Type “enableprocr” to start the processor Ethernetmode.
D.    Type “display system-parameters customer-options” to check if processor Ethernet mode is enabled.
E.    Type “change node-names-ip” to add the processor Ethernet.

Answer: ABD

When using the Avaya Site administrator CEDI interface, which command would be used to check the configuration of telephone set with the extension of 1000?

A.    Print station 1000
B.    Display station 1000
C.    Show station 1000
D.    View station 1000

Answer: B

Which three statements are true for a configuration that consists of Duplicated S8800 main servers with a duplicated port network and is a survivable core? (Choose three)

A.    Software duplication exists between the two main S8800 servers.
B.    The two main servers have duplication IPSls
C.    Hardware Duplication exists between the two main S8800 servers.
D.    The main servers share a single control network
E.    All Clam media and Medpro cards must be in a one subnet

Answer: ABE

Which hosts the firmware for a 9600 series telephone?

A.    DHCP server
B.    TFTP server
C.    HTTP server
D.    FTP server

Answer: C

The S8510 has just beenre booted. A technician wants to know when it is backup, so logging back in can occur. The laptop is connected to the services port and the technician wants to issue ping command that doesn’t stop pinging until it is decided to manually stop it.
Which ping command should be executed?

A.    Ping 192 11.13.6 -a
B.    Ping 192 11.13.6 -t
C.    Ping 192 11.13.6 -f
D.    Ping 192 11.13.6 -w

Answer: B

Firmware download procedure for programmable circuit packs (eg CLAN, IPSI, MedPro) include the Self-download and the CLAN distributed download.
Which statement describes the command that is used to schedule the CLAN distributed firmware
download procedure?

A.    In the SAT type`status firmware download’.
B.    Access the maintenance web interface, under`IPSI Firmware Updates’.Click download IPSI firmware.
C.    In the SAT type `change firmware download’
D.    In the SAT type `enable filexfer’

Answer: C

What are two ways of obtaining the RFA Module ID (MID) and System ID (SID)? (Choose two.)

A.    From the CM Linux prompt issue the command “statuslicense-v.
B.    From the CM SAT issue the command list configuration software-versions.
C.    From the CM Linux prompt issue the command ‘systat’.
D.    From the CM SAT issue the command ‘display system-parameters customer-options.

Answer: AD

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