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Avaya recommends that the technician checks the “Latest Communication Manager Software and Firmative Compatibility Matrix” for software not formative compatibility.
What may occur if LSPs or ESS servers are running a different software load than the main server?

A.    No issue will occur because of backward compatibility between the gateway and media firmware.
B.    No issue will occur because of primary controller will not attempt synchronization to LSPs or ESS servers that have incompatible software.
C.    May cause transaction corruption because of the synchronization between the primary controller and the LSPs /ESS server.
D.    May occur split registration because of the incompatible software versions.

Answer: C

The S8730 must be installedin a well-ventilated climate-controlled environment to ensure reliable equipment operation.
What is the maximum ambient operating temperature allowed for the S8730?

A.    40*C (104*F)
B.    35*C (95*F)
C.    30*C (86*F)
D.    25*C (77*F)

Answer: B

After installing a pair of S8730 servers, the customer wants to verify that the active and standby servers can be switched so that the active server becomes the standby and the standby becomes the active
Where is this performed?

A.    System management interface – Switch Server
B.    System management interface – interchange Server
C.    Avaya Site Administration – interchange Server
D.    Avaya Site Administration – Activate Server

Answer: B

In a G430 Media Gateway, what is the only component that is NOT supported?

A.    S8300
B.    MM340
C.    MM710
D.    MM712

Answer: B

The G450 serves as a router as well as the endpoint for the WAN line.
Which physical interface is used to make the G450 a router?

A.    WAN Serial interface
B.    Loopback interface

Answer: C

In the event of network or server failure,the connection preserving migration(CPM) feature preserves existing bearer (voice) connections while the H248 mediamigrates from one Communications Manager Serverto another.
What are users expected experience on preserved calls during the migration?

A.    CPM will extend the time period for recovery operations and functions so features such as hold,Conference, or transfer will be available to users on preserved calls.
B.    CPM will extend the time period for recovery operations and functions but users cannot use features such as hold, Conference, or Transfer
C.    Recovery operations and functions remainstable during CPM so all CM featuresare available.
D.    CPM will utilize Alternate Gatekeeper list functions to preserve all user features including Hold,Conference, or Transfer.

Answer: B

Media gateway canbe configured to automatically return to the primary Media Gateway when network communication failure is resolved?
Which command must be set so the Gateway knows what to do when the network failure has been resolved?

A.    In theGWCLI,administer the`primary-search timer’ and `transaction-point value’
B.    In CM, administer ESS No Services Time Out Interval.
C.    In CM, administer the`system-parameter mg-recovery-rule [#].
D.    In GW, administer the `mgc list’.

Answer: C

How many IP address need to be configured for a G450 Media Gateway’s Layer 3 switch, Media gateway Processor (MGP), and internal VoIP module?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: B

In an S8730 server configuration using software duplication, which Ethernet port is used as the duplication link?

A.    Ethernet 0
B.    Ethernet 1
C.    Ethernet 2
D.    Ethernet 3

Answer: A

A user would like to determine whether there are sufficient MedPro resources in the system?
Which two commands would be used? (Choose two)

A.    List measurements ip codec
B.    Status health
C.    List measurements ip dsp-resource
D.    Status socket-usage

Answer: C

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